Building A New Red Barn...

As you may know, this business really started out as a concept to see if it could work to bring together local farm to table food products and the consumer.  Truthfully, it has  worked out really well and now we are making it better by upping the game a bit.

Since we started online last November, we have changed retail platforms, integrated shipping for province wide delivery, integrated Facebook shops and added an Instagram account.  

Our new retail platform will be much much faster to navigate, especially when on mobile, which our research tells us  is how most of you view our site.  In additional we hope you will find it easier to give reviews of our products and services.  We've learned first hand in the last 8-9 months about the power of reviews.

We are doing all of this because we have received amazing feedback from our customer base about what they liked, what didn't work very well and what they would like to see.  Naturally all of this comes with an investment in time and money. but we hope that we can hold our prices in order to continue to give you exceptional value in our products and services.

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