About Us

Red Barn Baskets is locally owned and operated in beautiful Brant County, just outside the Brantford city limits.  Our specialty is finding the best and most interesting local food products and curating them into a designer gift basket or box.  These unique, one-of-a-kind gifts are available for local or national delivery as well as in-person pick-up directly from the Big Red Barn.

We believe in high quality local products as well as exceptional customer service.  We value the trust our customers have in us to deliver a high-quality product and we make it our number one priority to ensure that they, in turn, have an amazing purchasing experience.

The Red Barn was built by the first generation of our family to live and work on our farm and now, 5 generations later, we carry on our passion for agriculture in a slightly different way. 

Red Barn Baskets was created to help people better understand where their food comes from and is our version of “shop local”.  We are thrilled to showcase many unique, local producers and help bring a bit of their farms to your table!

Check us out at www.redbarnbaskets.com or find us on Instagram & Facebook @redbarnbaskets